Asian Man Chris (death_to_love) wrote in ps_insomniacs,
Asian Man Chris

check it fool.

the battles there have been my biggest inspiration as far as graphic design goes.
for real like the best of the best post on there.

i highly recommend it.


i'm always up for trading work and ideas.
im me:

Deadasnpasttense - graphic design artist for you hardcore kids out there he did the first fata cd layout. - artist from cleveland - a bloke, graffiti/ stencil artist, from england - graffiti inspired artist - artist viva la seattle - submit your work. people vote. if it wins they print your fashion statement. word. really nice work here. - FREE STOCKS - FREE FONTS - artist from louisville (hardcore kids- theres nice blood blushes there) - ps brushes

post more links if you got them
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